I liked how in DA2 all the companions were romanceable. It makes sense that you can fall in love with someone regardless of what is in their pants. I was looking forward to that being in DA:I. But I know that you guys are not doing that anymore, due to the draw back. However the drawback was a very small amount of fans, who had a loud voice. I know a majority of the fans liked being able to romance whomever they wanted if they put in the effort. I was wondering your thoughts on these changes.


We did not change the way we handle sexuality in DAI due to negative feedback regarding how it was handled in DA2. Obviously there are those who will assume that’s the case, but I’m pretty certain that no matter what we did with this (since it’s a perennially hot topic amongst fans—at PAX Prime’s panel last year, for instance, it was a subject that sharply divided the entire room) there would be those who liked it and those who didn’t.

The four non-DLC romanceable characters in DA2 were not made bisexual so that they could be romanced by anyone, though I’ve no doubt that’s an aspect some appreciated. That was done so players of any preference had some options. I am okay with asking a player to play a different gender or sexuality if they are solely interested in romancing a specific character…but not with requiring them to do so just to have an equitable number of choices.

DA2’s setup was a compromise, but not a great one as bisexuality itself is not a compromise. It is not “all of the above”, but rather a specific choice, and having four bisexual characters is not true representation. I’ve said previously on many occasions that, given sufficient content, my preference would be to have a range of sexualities amongst the party members— straight characters alongside bisexual characters alongside gay characters. This would remove any need for ambiguity and provide us the opportunity to tell a wider range of stories with those characters…in addition to being true representation.

That is what we are here to do, after all—tell stories. We provide those characters agency of their own, and give you the means to interact with them to build relationships both positive and negative… or possibly romantic, if you (and they) are so inclined. I recognize there are fans who’d prefer we did otherwise, but that’s what we feel is most important.

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Good Guy Sauron

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I believe in body positivity, feminism, and always using your turn signal.

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E3 Inquisition Trailer

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"Great stories are timeless and they’ll last forever"
Mass Effect 4 - FIRST LOOK - E3 2014

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Inquisition attacks: Mage, Rogue & Warrior

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day 722 — it still is not october 7th i’m beginning to get desperate


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i also hope that you don’t see through
this cleverly constructed ruse
designed by a marketing team
cashing in on puberty and low self-esteem
and girls’ desperate need to feel loved (x)

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